Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Summum Bonum

To be general I view the highest 'good' that should be pursued in the scope of all living things, humans included, is to live and reproduce. If it wasn't for these two simple goals, carbon life would've not evolved or lasted as long as it has. In fact one could say that if living creatures did not have these drives or that these two goals where any less important, then that means that life would never be able to last longer than one life span. But since humans have managed to break off from being nomadic, able to sit down in one spot and live off the land, they became able to do so much more than previously able due to the sudden increase of free time. With it, after time, came the ability to pursue other self interests without damaging our species as a whole, giving us science and tradition.

For me, I like to keep things simple, never straying too far away from the core pursue that every carbon life form has. I enjoy living and wish to live as much as I can each day. That is not to say I don't have long term solid goals in my life, but they are more to enrich the base of my quest. As for reproduction, well, I don't have that in such high importance to the point of a blind drive. I wouldn't mind having one offspring to succeed me, in fact that desire alone probably stems from a funny excerpt of a short story I read in a game once; in which the main piece is about king's murder at the hand of his son after a battle with him, as the son was about to lay the final blow the king demanded out of him what he was doing to which the son replied "Succeeding you." Obviously I don't keep that story in my mind because of the action itself but because what it represents, teaching and passing on to your offspring all that you know to the point that you become bested.

I know for this, as much other posts, I tend to be a bit broad and write almost in a tangent manner but I really like to keep things simple. This might cause me to go off in different direction explaining different attributes but it still just comes back to the point that I just like the challenging of living. That in fact, failing to fight the genes that are in me, my highest goal to live up to isn't really a goal per-say, but to always face challenges. To take the path that is most fruitful, easy or hard it shouldn't matter. That's probably why I have the views I do in certain things like death and life; using death as an example, I don't fear it, but I won't jump into it selflessly either mainly because it'd be the dishonorable way out, and the least fruitful and challenging. You were born into this universe and world for reasons we can rewrite the bible with, might as well do something.