Sunday, October 24, 2010

Uh... Hi

Hey there. Found my own bloggy blog I made for a Philosophy class long ago. Man, I really do wish I took more advantage of it. That class basically cracked open and fueled my interest in philosophy.

Oh, and if anyone is actually reading this, I recommend you stop here at this sentence. No? Still reading? Seriously, I'm just ranting right now, waiting for the Android SDK to install so I can hit the hay. This is a pandora induced rant and I really don't feel like being held accountable for what I'm typing. Then again, I don't think I ever do past a few days.

Man, I love my pandora LOL station. I seeded it with four artists of (in my opinion) are of clashing styles but basically serve as an adequate ambassador to my appeal to that genre. It's hard to remember now, I a swore there was a way to get that information from pandora but I can't figure it out now. Time for a guessing game then.

Daft Punk definitely would be one. As my heroes I'm blind to their awesomeness. They've basically developed electronica into the traits I always look for in said genre. However I figured pandora might not get the right idea, or at least, the right reasons so I believe-- Ah! Here we go, Chrome was blocking pandora's pop-up for the station information. So far there are five 'band' seeds.

Justice is indeed that balance. Interesting to see however, that Pendulum is also added in there. I clearly remember thinking of using only four seeds initially yet I can't remember why there is five. Well, analyzing it now, it seems I might've needed two bands to balance out Daft Punk to get Pandora the right foundation. See while Daft Punk to me is the core, I enjoy outlandish and campy (and dark) electronica persona's and bands as well. Especially if done with the same artistic caliber. Justice and Pendulum certainly fill this role, with their equally abrasive and 'pop' songs. I assume I added both because I found the same issue as I did with my Mindless Self Indulgence station. That see grew into a tree that carried the 'noise' of the band but not the tongue in cheek message I enjoy (that I at least feel they portray, please don't tell me they're serious).

Synthesized music isn't my only partiality. (Man I love making up a word and googling to find out it actually exists) Due to a past relationship I grew to respect rock. (Which is quite difficult to really respect if only exposed to what the radio plays.) The bands I choose for this are At The Drive-In and Sleator Kinney. Admittedly, unlike the electronica side, this really doesn't play with much of the rock spectra. But then again it didn't have t, those two bands covered a pretty nice spectra to begin with.

I never had the ability to pick up lyrics, I always found them best to be left as an instrument in themselves, without much care for the actual words spoken. Generally speaking, you (or I?) can infer meaning just by the tonality and execution. (Much like you can with any other instrument) This isn't to say that I didn't develop an interest and now a novel ability to pick up lyrics. Most of it is partly due to bands like Modest Mouse and Trail of Dead.

With this concoction I've produced a station that for the past few months, has continually surprised and delighted me. It has found basically all the bands I enjoy listening to, from Radiohead to bands names I don't even know but are euphoric. From classical music to chip tunes, IDM to trance. It's one of the things I am honestly proud of. It elevate my a love for music I never thought it could reach, not to mention developing an even greater ability to decipher and analyze it. Some say that being a critic dries up any enjoyment from a medium and generally chastise me for being a 'snob'. I feel it is more a personal tool to allow a deeper immersion into the medium, and empower one to fully exploit the medium for their own persona.

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