Friday, November 4, 2011


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Claire weaves herself through a thick forest, cradling DC in her arms. Her casing showing signs of severe physical damage, as every step she takes causes a piece to pop out of its attachment. The woods finally begin to thin, with the falling snow now becoming noticeable. She glances at the back of her hand, a red display showing that her internal temperature is reaching critical levels. Her internals make audible clicks, as her power supply arcs. As cold as it is, it doesn’t seem to be doing her temperature any good.

She reaches a giant glade, with an enormous complex adorning the center. She decides to run towards it to at least get a chance to rest. The closer she gets, the more the complex begins to resemble a sort of abandoned temple, or maybe even a home. Reaching the outer wall of the building DC begins to stir a bit from his unconscious state. Claire puts him down, seating him against the wall. His eyes blink open as he looks around. “What... Where, “his eyes focus to Claires, her solid blue eyes giving a soft glow. “Claire? Wait, what are you doi-, where are we—“ A dark figure emerges from the forest, running up to meet with the pair; the figures face wearing a grin that only comes from a predator enjoying his hunt.

“Brother! I see that your ingenuity knows no bounds!” 

A cold sterile feeling shots up DC’s spine. As if by instinct DC tries to stand up into a defensive stance. “Ah!!” Letting out a scream he falls back down limp. “Don’t move” Claire says as she attempts to comfort DC. DC’s shock now becoming replaced with the realization that his body is completely inoperable; his muscles are shot and by the severity of the pain it seems their ligaments have been completely torn.

“My apologies brother, your little toy seems to have delayed the inevitable.”

Claire turns around in response, putting up an offensive stance as she faces the figure. The figure stops a few meters away from them, as he stands proud.

“And it seems as if this little computer of yours still has some fight left. Tell me, how long ago was she built? You were housed for quite a long time you know.”

“Claire, don’t. Just keep running. I can deal with him.” DC tells Claire, unsuccessfully hiding the tone of pain from his voice.

“Giving her the illusion of consciousness are you? I never figured you’d be one to partake in cruelty as well. I understand the envy you must have of me but there is no reason to force such expectations on another. Especially an expectation so out of reach to a machine.”

The figures words cutting through the snow, as DC and Claire remained still in silence.
“So Claire was it? Do you really think you can gap the advancement of technology? I not only house your decrepit creator’s ego, but they were nice enough to not waste such a consciousness into a sack of meat. And believe me they spared no expense as you can see by the state I left him. This androids body strength is only matched by my own will.”

A low click sounded inside Claire’s casing. Claire began to step forward towards the figure. DC’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing the sound. He realized the figure wasn’t bluffing about Claire’s antiqueness. Claire’s already used up all the power she can naturally withstand. The run she made and up to this point have all been done exceeding the power she can handle. As Claire closed the gap between her and the figure, the glow of her casing grew more defined as light began to leak out of the cracks, as well as the noise emanating from her back climbing to a roar.

With a particular smugness, the figure spoke directly to Claire. “Cute. Following your logic regardless of the reality you’re in.” He turned his gaze to DC “It’s these types of actions one influences with those lies brother!”

Without hesitation Claire’s pace continued, her glow now reaching the trees off in the distance. Her casing begins to crack at the seams, as electricity attempts to escape its confines. DC screams “Claire what are you doing!? You can’t draw any more power! You won---“

As her next step lands on the ground her body lets out a blinding flash. Her outer casing fractures into pieces and are ejected outward into the distance, revealing the skeletal framework underneath. Her silver frame exuding ropes of electricity, creating a shine that is practically blinding. The arcs project off her silver framework, whipping the ground with such force that they inflict deep scars into the ground. She stops her movement as the electrical charges continue radiate off her body in wide arcs. She stands exposed, her inner components being held by netting attached to the frame. Her eyes cast a powerful blue glow to whatever she stares at. The giant copper flower fan that adorns her back producing a flurry with the falling snow as the sound it produces reach jet engine decibel levels. The electrical surges finally begin to subside to intermittent spark. Even then, they still seem to give a loud crackle every time one escapes.

As the figure shields himself with his arms from the energy, DC sits shocked at the spectacle; bathed in a white blue glow. “Claire! Why!?”

Her head turns around to meet with DC’s eyes. Her head now only being a hollow rough frame shaped resembling that of a human; the frame only being adorned by her solid colored eyes.

“Because I choose to.”

Before DC could react Claire’s right hand is already gripping the figure by his neck and suspending him off his feet.

With a forced grunt the figure continues to mock Claire. “Tsk, just because you overclocked yourself doesn’t me-“ The metal rods composing her hand close around his neck, cutting through the outer flesh with such pressure that blood simply streams out in a single shot. Her fingers stop short of crushing his neck, being blocked by a metallic layer.

“Achk… Heh, looks like you still don’t have enough strength.” Before he could contort his mouth back to a grin, Claire’s body gave a final high pitch whir and her hands crushed through the metal neck. As the figures head severed from his neck, she and the figure became engulfed in an enormous electrical explosion. The force of the explosion knocked DCs head back into the wall, knocking him out. His body sat motionless, with a seated view of the remaining shards of Claire’s casing and the soft snow beginning to layer the field and covering the electrical wounds that were inflicted into it.