Monday, October 25, 2010

Lord Rapist

It's hard to imagine anything else more universally accepted as a horrendous act as rape. People can justify war, neurotoxins, biological warfare, incest, stealing, murder death kill, hell even pedophilia to a certain degree. But none of those plot fuels has ever made a series last an entire fucking decade like the fuel that is Rape. Unless you're a sociopath, or a gangster, rape is just bad. It's almost as everyone in the world decided "You know what would best summarize the human ability of evil? Rape". It's like, hey, want some quick street cred? Rape a hoe, you a bad mofo now. You're also the bane of existence to the other 96% of people on the planet not a sociopath.

But we humans, we love to stand shit on its end, push it up a hill, let it decay with age, and then push it off the hill in the path of a children's playground. I sometimes I feel hypocrisy is just as natural as breathing air.

One of three monotheistic juggernauts that prides itself in lying to people that it's the originator of morality thinks pedophilia just isn't enough. No. It has to make you worship the bloody act. Pop out your monocle did I? Hope not, otherwise I question what you're doing even reading this blog.

Christianities main selling point is that the bipolar God of the Jews and Muslims decided to absolve humanity of it's misogynistic stemmed sin and instant passport to hell by introducing his son (or himself in human form in some sects; which is strange because technically the bible says we are the human representation of God, go figure).

What I find surprising about all of this is that people don't realize just exactly how this came about. To be honest, even I never thought about it. That is until I discovered a show called SVU. Needless to say the next time I decided to study the Bible something just hit me.

Mary never consented. If SVU taught me anything, it's that not having consent, and ding preg ditch is the equation to super rape. Hell, one of it's main characters has this as her back story. So now you're telling me, our super vengeful and melodramatic God, decides to make amends with his rebel self by raping some lady of the night worker? And this somehow works? Just side tracking here a bit, but is the Bible implying that raping someone and claiming immaculate conception is a cure to being a total hothead? Wow, did the ghettotastic get something right?

Regardless, and long post short, we're talking about a being, that without consent, decided to get a random woman pregnant, force everyone around her to accept it, even going as far as telling people what to name it and everyone is ok with this? Did I miss something here or has crazy lost all its meaning?

So was the original sin forgiven by simply God performing his own super sin to cancel the two out? Huh, I guess that makes more sense. But then why go as far as torturing and forcing the death of your own rape child? Hm, that just sounds like an episode ripe for SVU. (If not done already)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ah cursing, where to begin. I really don't know, but my views probably stem from the fact that I disdain censorship in any form. If we are to support Freedom of Speech, I expect everyone to follow it to the letter. In the English language especially, words can account for such a myriad of different meanings that without context, they're effectively meaningless. This is probably why the rules of grammar in english are so thick, making sure that even a sentence have enough context to be able to comprehend it.

But that's what makes it even more confusing. We're not talking about phrases or paragraphs that set people off and give you the cold stare, it's single words. How can a single utterance be able to define an entire intention. How is saying "Fuck!" all of a sudden makes you take off your gloves and challenge me to a duel? Can someone exclaiming "shit" be really intent in defecating in public? If someone tells you "Careful" are they insinuating your an incompetent douche or are they genuinely interested for your safety. For that matter, how can you be sure it's a precautionary statement? Maybe they're responding to someone else, maybe they're initiating a description? Who the fuck knows? Oh wait, I do, Mr. Fucking Context!

Well no, at least with speech, the inflection put into the words aide in deciphering their meaning. Even then, I can only think of a few words that can probably be justifiably understood with just tone; most of them being just responsive words. Hell, you can't really initiate an insult with just a single word. Sure if someone cuts you off in traffic and you say "Asshole!" it is unlikely the prick will think you're confusing him for a sphincter. But if you're sitting at a park bench and suddenly develop tourette syndrome I find it hard to imagine people being justified in feeling offended. Usually eye contact would be an initiator for that emotion to take place, and if so I hope you can run.

Yet there are persons who literally do take personal offense to the mere utterance of a 'profane' word. Why? What in their most internal dark damp minds fires off the signal to think "Hey, that word just doesn't sound pretty, I'm going to feel horrible about it every time I hear or read it"? Sure I can blame religion but that's too easy a target. And besides, that might not even be perfectly valid even for me. Sure the process as to why it's ingrained to the populace might be the same, but I'm sure it has independent roots. (Though I can't shake off the feeling that a secular world wouldn't have this problem, then again I just think no religion solves everything.)

I mean, hasn't anyone learned anything from 1984? Constricting language is constricting the mind. It's the exact opposite of what we should be aiming for. We shouldn't be trying to simplify ourselves and our thoughts, we should be making the dictionary denser than mercury. Supplying the ability for us to be able to elaborate our thoughts and convey them to others. "But you just lack imagination" you whine, "you can put across message in nicer words" you pine. Bitch why should I? My imagination might be as able as a quadriplegic but be damned if I'm going to stutter just so I can appease the hypersensitive.

Seriously, how is minimizing yourself expanding anything? Am I retarded to think that it's a contradiction? Sure I can waste time and convert my intention, but then I'm risking losing my original meaning. What if I'm allergic to peanuts and when responding to an offer for some I say "no thank you please" instead of "fuck no applehead"? In most cultures, the former will cue said person to shove the swelling inducing nuts all up in your hyperactive immune system. Though in all fairness, the latter would probably get you a black eye in some cultures. Then again, a black eye is better than asphyxiating.

Regardless I find myself feeling why I don't pursue this type of expression often, not much fun when I don't have outside input to munch on, and my own reductio ad absurdum algorithm can only take me so far with the same variables.

Back to topic, there is no such thing as profanity because anything can be considered profanity. I am in the belief if something can be anything, then it can equally be nothing. How can anyone logically determine a single word, or a dozen words, be off-limits? Under what pretenses? To hide and 'pretty-fy" the future? "Oh don't worry past-man, us future people no longer use your laughably immoral words like nigger, we are much better than you." I can't, and probably never will, fully understand political correctness. I just can't decipher if people honestly think the intent is to protect, or if they realize it's more so an underhanded way to come off as 'progressive'. If we were truly progressive we wouldn't put such claustrophobic pretenses, embed them into words and freeze them in time. If I where past-man, my reaction would be "how are you better when you still accept the original insinuation of the word?" It's like those pretentious pricks who remind people that gay means happy or fag is a cigarette in different dialects. They actually have a point, whose truly being a bigot? The guy whose intent is to express an emotion, or the guy whose immediate reaction is to associate it with the negative meaning? What the hell ever happened to actually thinking?

All of this obviously works both ways. I don't expect someone to walk into a library and start asking for "the fucking 1998 atlas" to not get a perfectly shaped boot on their ass. I expect people to realize that etiquette still applies and that all I'm trying to put across is that out right banishment of words stunts personal expression. I mean, for fuck sakes. (It's too late to proofread)


Man, the Android SDK is barely at 25% completion and it's already 2:20. Jeez, I guess I'll just continue till I get knocked out of the current freeroll tourney I'm in.

Don't even know for who I'm writing this for, I don't expect anyone to actually subject to my arthritic grasp of english prose and I personally loath reading anything I've written. I guess it's just my natural egoism as a human. Though judging from everyone else's evaluation, my abnormally large egoism. Not sure I can disagree, maybe I do enjoy being the center of attention, though in my mind I just enjoy being able to discuss and debate.

Decided the last post was pretty LOL station centric and cut it there. That way the article can be best summarized as my inane musical logic to clusterfucking. Music really is a mental lubricant for me, so it makes sense listening to the station both caused me to find this blog and consequently talk about it to.

I always had all these idea's in my mind to spew on to the polluted ocean that is the internet. Ever since I got into the little phase of watching YouTube personalities like Thunderf00t, I wanted to mimic and start my own. It's hard though to really stop and nail one down. Usually when I find a tangent I nail it down pretty hard and don't stop till I run out of hammers. By then I forget my intention, lose a few minutes (or hour) and only gain a deeper insight in my own opinions and reality.

I also felt I couldn't pull off the vision I had of what I wanted to do. Maybe I set the bar a bit too high for myself, but I didn't want to just rant in front of a camera. Eventually though I did, but my constant tangenting eventually lead me astray enough that I completly forgot my desire to do.

This is my coming back to that idea I guess, better text than nothing. It has been getting pretty tiring to day dream only to realize all my words are now forever lost because I was not the same person that initially started the thinking. And no, my short term memory is pretty horrendous, it feels as if there's a black tunnel I can't access between information reception to storage. I can not access it until it's get fully processed, categorized and stored by my mind. By then though it's so diluted and summarized that it's pretty useless, like a video whose codec was made in 1994.

Maybe if I can make ranting on this blog a habit I can ease my aversion to my own writing, even going as far as embracing it as a tool for self-improvement. Earning the ability to philosophize in my mind and recant it without after-the-thought biasm. Ah well.

I guess I've arrived to my Achilles heel, I can now choose a topic to start opinionating to the point of making Glenn Beck seem intelligible. Yet I can't, at this point ideas are swirling, the fact that I 'cursed' a few paragraphs ago makes me feel a natural progression would to just vent on my views of profanity, probably touching (or going into) censorship. At the same time I feel that being such a trivial topic that I should go for something else, maybe something I've felt like venting for a bit like the price of Skirt steak, or a staple of mine like religion even. My attiudes towards obesity, my philisophy towards life, hell I can start implementing self-psychology I figure, personally the idea of never being able to return to a previous 'self' is interesting. Are you the same person if you found out that chick you just boned was your sister?

Sometimes I concoct ways to pass the buck, getting other peoples views on what I should spew about and etc. But for probably plentiful reasons it generally fails. My social communication skills aren't exactly up to par. Maybe I just see it a one shot deal, putting unfair pressure on my upcoming intent. If I write about this will I come to continue writing on other topics? Will this topic make me realize this masturbatory act is unappealing even to myself? Can I even pull it off? Will this topic be better than the other?

When it comes to initiating a project it takes a lot for me to get to the ignition sequence. Whether that project is an essay or responding to a yes or no question, it's why I've learned to cut that middle man out and just directly speak/type my mind. I personally find it fun because you can effectively talk to yourself, or even talk to three of yourself that way. Maybe it's just the lack of having philosophically inclined friends but I've managed to carry out debates from three perspectives that keep me entertained for a good hour or two.

You know what though? Screw it, we learn more from failures than success. I'll just take the first topic I said I'd discuss and run with it. This post/article has become unwieldy enough. And if you actually read through this article, I'd appreciate pointing out any English errors. :)

Uh... Hi

Hey there. Found my own bloggy blog I made for a Philosophy class long ago. Man, I really do wish I took more advantage of it. That class basically cracked open and fueled my interest in philosophy.

Oh, and if anyone is actually reading this, I recommend you stop here at this sentence. No? Still reading? Seriously, I'm just ranting right now, waiting for the Android SDK to install so I can hit the hay. This is a pandora induced rant and I really don't feel like being held accountable for what I'm typing. Then again, I don't think I ever do past a few days.

Man, I love my pandora LOL station. I seeded it with four artists of (in my opinion) are of clashing styles but basically serve as an adequate ambassador to my appeal to that genre. It's hard to remember now, I a swore there was a way to get that information from pandora but I can't figure it out now. Time for a guessing game then.

Daft Punk definitely would be one. As my heroes I'm blind to their awesomeness. They've basically developed electronica into the traits I always look for in said genre. However I figured pandora might not get the right idea, or at least, the right reasons so I believe-- Ah! Here we go, Chrome was blocking pandora's pop-up for the station information. So far there are five 'band' seeds.

Justice is indeed that balance. Interesting to see however, that Pendulum is also added in there. I clearly remember thinking of using only four seeds initially yet I can't remember why there is five. Well, analyzing it now, it seems I might've needed two bands to balance out Daft Punk to get Pandora the right foundation. See while Daft Punk to me is the core, I enjoy outlandish and campy (and dark) electronica persona's and bands as well. Especially if done with the same artistic caliber. Justice and Pendulum certainly fill this role, with their equally abrasive and 'pop' songs. I assume I added both because I found the same issue as I did with my Mindless Self Indulgence station. That see grew into a tree that carried the 'noise' of the band but not the tongue in cheek message I enjoy (that I at least feel they portray, please don't tell me they're serious).

Synthesized music isn't my only partiality. (Man I love making up a word and googling to find out it actually exists) Due to a past relationship I grew to respect rock. (Which is quite difficult to really respect if only exposed to what the radio plays.) The bands I choose for this are At The Drive-In and Sleator Kinney. Admittedly, unlike the electronica side, this really doesn't play with much of the rock spectra. But then again it didn't have t, those two bands covered a pretty nice spectra to begin with.

I never had the ability to pick up lyrics, I always found them best to be left as an instrument in themselves, without much care for the actual words spoken. Generally speaking, you (or I?) can infer meaning just by the tonality and execution. (Much like you can with any other instrument) This isn't to say that I didn't develop an interest and now a novel ability to pick up lyrics. Most of it is partly due to bands like Modest Mouse and Trail of Dead.

With this concoction I've produced a station that for the past few months, has continually surprised and delighted me. It has found basically all the bands I enjoy listening to, from Radiohead to bands names I don't even know but are euphoric. From classical music to chip tunes, IDM to trance. It's one of the things I am honestly proud of. It elevate my a love for music I never thought it could reach, not to mention developing an even greater ability to decipher and analyze it. Some say that being a critic dries up any enjoyment from a medium and generally chastise me for being a 'snob'. I feel it is more a personal tool to allow a deeper immersion into the medium, and empower one to fully exploit the medium for their own persona.